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In the 27th Century, international disputes are resolved through time travel—clocking soldiers from the future into conflicts of the past. It seemed like an elegant way to solve the international disputes of the 27th Century—all the economic advantages of warfare without any of the devastation taking place in your own time. Multinational corporations and governments geared up for the effort, secure in the knowledge that since the past already happened, it could not be changed...or so went the theory. What could possibly go wrong?

However, it was quickly discovered that history could, indeed, be changed as a result of interference from the future—possibly catastrophically. Unfortunately, this quickly made discovery was not discovered quick enough to stop the ongoing Time Wars. To intervene  and adjust the damage caused by historical disruptions, a special unit was created to preserve the continuity of the timestream. 

However, as if going back into the past on missions to preserve the future wasn’t challenging enough, the elite First Division of the U.S. Army Temporal Corps face a new and much more dangerous threat, the Timekeepers—militarized radicals who believed the only way to stop the war machine is to create massive historical disruptions.

The battle for time has begun...

Sometimes Sergeant Major Lucas Priest wondered why he had enlisted in the U.S. Army Temporal Corps. Fighting in the Time Wars wasn't the easiest way to make a living. Sailing with Lord Nelson, battling Custer at Little Big Horn, and a year of pillaging with Attila and his Huns had left him ready for a vacation. But a demented scheme by the Timekeepers to impersonate the King of England is threatening to change the course of history. 

Two army teams have already failed to intercept the madman, so Lucas and his men must clock back to the twentieth century to try and prevent an irreversible split in time. However, when Lucas discovers whom they are to impersonate, he gonna wish Hannibal had killed him back in Carthage...How were Ivanhoe, Robin Hood, and a band of merry outlaws supposed to protect the future of the world?

At first the discovery of minus time seemed like a blessing. Countries at war could fight their battles in the past rather than destroy the present. But that turn out not to be the way it works. Now the situation has become desperate. Humanity faces the danger of a temporal split, with incalculable consequences, as a result of attempts to change the past.

When a covert agent of Temporal Intelligence gives his life to warn of a terrorist plot by the Timekeepers, Captain Lucas Priest and Private First Class Finn Delaney are clocked back to 17th Century France. Their mission is to assist agents of the T.I.A. already in place to discover what the Timekeepers have planned—and stop them. The target could be Cardinal Richelieu, but how do you stop an assassination when almost anyone could be a ringer, including a young Gascon named D’Artagnan and three of the King’s flamboyant musketeers.

In the 27th Century, time travel allows international disputes to be settled by 'clocking' soldiers from the future into conflicts of the past to do battle in the Time Wars. The politicians and the corporate leaders who created an entire international economy based on the idea of 'an end to war in our time' believed that the past was absolute—had already happened, therefore it could not be changed. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

The greater the number of people who 'clocked' back into the past, the greater were the odds of temporal contamination—changing history in ways that could disastrously affect the future. Major Lucas Priest, a veteran of the elite First Division of the Temporal Army Corps, is tasked to 'adjust' the blunder of a Temporal Intelligence agent who had accidentally caused the death of Sir Percy Blakeney, the wealthy English adventurer who saved French royalists from the guillotine. Now, someone else had to become the famous Scarlet Pimpernel and carry on his dangerous quest to cheat Madame Guillotine of her victims.

Trying to adjust key historical events during the bloody and tumultuous French Revolution might be challenging enough, but with rogue covert agents from Temporal Intelligence already on the scene to execute their own agenda, heads are gonna roll...

In the kingdom of Ruritania, Prince Rudolf is about to be crowned king. Instead, due to the machinations of his half brother, he becomes the Prisoner of Zenda. That was back in the 19th century. But history is about to repeat itself with a twist. The Timekeepers, the terrorist underground from the 27th century, have traveled backward once again to try and sabotage the course of history. However insignificant Ruritania may be, the slightest tampering with the past will have incalculable consequences for the present. 

The commandos of the Temporal Intelligence Agency, Lucas Priest, Finn Delaney, and Andre Cross have another temporal adjustment on their hands—and all they have for a guide is an obscure 19th century novel...

In the 27th century, the Russians construct the most powerful nuclear submarine of all time and christened it the Nautilus. It was intended to ensure Russian security and military supremacy, but it was never intended to be hijacked and equipped for time travel by a terrorist force determined to start the greatest war the world has ever seen—across the boundaries of time...

Major Lucas Priest's elite commando unit of the U.S. Army Temporal Corps is sent back through time to find the Nautilus and stop it, if they can, and all they have to help them is a spirited Canadian harpooner named Ned Land and a middle-aged French writer of imaginative fiction named Jules Verne....

Afghanistan: 1897...The Pathan tribes are in full-scale revolt against the British, but another, much more dangerous conflict is brewing in the Khyber Pass.

The actions of the Time Wars have resulted in a confluence effect, bringing a parallel timeline into congruence with our own. One timeline must be disrupted to safeguard the existence of the other, and the first shot in the war between two timelines has already been fired. The Time Commandos' mission puts them squarely in the crossfire, along with a young British war correspondent named Winston Churchill and a native waterboy named Gunga Din.

It was the first time anyone had ever seen a real live centaur...When a mythical creature is captured by Observers from the 27th Century in the year 219 B.C., they realize something has gone drastically wrong. The actions of the Time Wars had brought about a congruence of two universes, with a confluence effect that had both timelines rippling and intersecting at various points throughout history. And where these confluence points occurred, it was possible to cross over from one universe into another.

And as if that were not bad enough, the appearance of a creature straight out of Greek mythology seemed to prove that physical laws were different in the other universe, which meant that more intelligence was needed, because the other universe had declared a temporal war to safeguard their own timestream. For the adjustment teams of Temporal Intelligence, this meant a whole new type of mission. Their job had always been to prevent historical disruptions. Now, it would be their mission to create them—in the opposing timeline. The Time Wars had suddenly been escalated into a new dimension...Literally.

A plague of vampires and werewolves falls on Victorian England in the late 1800's, but there's nothing supernatural about these creatures. They're genetically engineered monsters from the future, dropped into the past as a terrorist tactic in the Time Wars.

To Scotland Yard, it's a mystery more baffling than any ever faced by Sherlock Holmes, so they turn to his creator for assistance. And as the foggy streets of London become a killing ground, the Time Commandos join forces with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells—who soon discovers the time machine he had envisioned has become a frightening reality—and an aspiring writer named Bram Stoker, who comes face to face with a Balkan nobleman named Dracula...

They were miniature people, approximately six inches in height…In 18th century London, Dr. Lemuel Gulliver’s tale of encountering little people after being shipwrecked on an island are dismissed as the drunken ravings of a madman by everyone save the eccentric author, Jonathan Swift, and an observer from the Temporal Intelligence Agency, who is alarmed by Gulliver’s description of their weapons. The obviously traumatized surgeon has accurately described miniaturized versions of military ordnance that will not exist for over a thousand years.

“Dr. Gulliver described, in great detail, some of the weapons used by these little people, or ‘Lilliputians’, as his companion, Mr. Swift, referred to them,” the TIA observer wrote in his report. “From the lucid description of these miniature weapons and their function, they were unquestionably miniature lasers and autopulsers. From the description of their uniforms and tactics, these so-called Lilliputians sounded exactly like modern commandos, only on an incredible, miniature scale.”

Killed before he could finish his report, the agent’s last act was to transport Dr. Gulliver to the 27th century, where the astonished surgeon was confronted with the wonders of the future, and the Time Commandos were confronted with a new and highly dangerous threat—an army of bioengineered hominoids from a parallel universe, no more than six or seven inches tall, armed with lasers, plasma weapons, and jet packs…and the ability to travel through time.

A demon straight from Hell…For a moment, they saw nothing. Then they heard the rapid beat of iron-shod hooves on cobblestones. A black-clad rider with a long, billowing cloak came hurtling at them from the shadows. He turned, reining in sharply, and the handsome, jet black stallion reared up, its forelegs pawing at the sky as the rider’s screeching laughter filled the air. He had no head. Boston, 1765. Sam Adams leads the Sons of Liberty as they agitate in favor of independence for the Thirteen Colonies. But something has gone very wrong with history. A terrifying, ghostly entity is galloping the streets of Boston in the dead of night, targeting rebels for assassination. And if he—or it—cannot be stopped, the Revolutionary War might never happen.

The Time Commandos from the 27th Century again travel back into the past to find a phantom, and the only man they have to guide them is an enemy soldier from a parallel timeline, who might never get back home if he doesn’t help the people with whom he’s at war. However, if the headless horseman isn’t stopped, there may be no going home for anyone…ever again.

Queen of the Nile...or cross-time terrorist? "I see violent death in your future," Lucan said. "There will be portents and warnings. You must not ignore them. For if you do, I see the image of your body bleeding, pierced with many wounds. You will not fall in battle, but at the hands of those you think your friends. Beware the Ides of March, Caesar. Beware the names of Casca, Brutus, Cassius, Cimber..." Ancient Rome, the Eternal City, was always full of intrigues and conspiracies, but agents from a parallel universe have introduced a new element of treachery—a plot to prevent Julius Caesar's murder and change the course of history. But is Caesar's mistress, the seductive Queen of Egypt, their unwitting pawn...or is she their cunning leader?

The Time Commandos travel back to ancient Rome to unravel the mystery of a strange prophecy, one that not only foretold the day of Caesar's murder, but also the exact manner of his death, and even the names of his assassins...But with the timelines of two parallel universes intersecting, are any of the players really who they seem?

Tombstone Time Warp! The year is 1881, and the most famous gunfight in history is about to take place at the O.K. Corral. But the Earps and the Clantons are not the only rival factions converging in the Wild West town of Tombstone, Arizona.

The Time Commandos are sent back to the American frontier to investigate the disappearance of three missing agents, only to come up against an organized crime empire from the future, saboteurs from a parallel universe, genetically engineered spies, and lethal cross-time terrorists. To make matters even worse, two parallel timelines have started to converge in the exact same time and place, causing reality to ripple, threatening to overwhelm the timestream, and send history on a radical shift into the surreal...

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